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Visions Art Studio Tour 2015

Visions artists and artisans invite the public to visit their studios during the 2015 Visions Summer Art Studio Tour. Studios will open, some of them with guests, so that artists can show, demonstrate and sell their work during the summer event.

The 2015 summer studio tour will be held July 10, 11 and 12 featuring 28 artists at 15 venues throughout the Cowichan Valley.

The tour takes people through the enchanting Cowichan Valley to charming rural properties and gardens, impressive ocean-front locales and country roads they had never before seen and will never forget.

All these artists' studios are open year 'round, some by appointment, but during the Studio Tour all Visions artists taking part in the tour will have their studios open at the same time to present their newest works. You can be among the first to view, enjoy, browse and shop.

The Visions Art Studio Tour brochures are available at Visitor Centres, Community Centres, Libraries, from Visions artists and download brochure here.

We appreciate your interest in the Arts in the Cowichan Valley and the continuing support of our sponsors.

Download the 2015 Visions Art Tour brochure
We welcome art lovers.

2015 Art Studio Tour
by Venue Number

1.Susan Jean Whyte
      Jewellery Artist
2. Rene Deerheart
      Designer & Artisan of Adornments
3.Ken Broadland
4. Catherine Fraser
      Studio Painter / Art Therapist
5. Sue Coleman
Guest artist
Joanne Kimm
6.Beverlee McLeod
Guest artists
Rosemary Danaher
      Multi-disciplinary Artist
Penny Jones
Nathalie Mansey
Alison MacKenzie
Naomi McLean
7. Joan Tuff
      Quilter, clay art, mixed media paintings, cards
8. Michele Heath
9. Carolyn McDonald
10. Tyler Hayes
      Glass Blower
11. Karen Bottcher
      Jewellery Artist
Guest artist
Bob English
12. Lorraine Mary Hawe
Guest artists
Lis Pedersen
      Jewellery Maker
Des Pratt
      Sculptor/Stone Carver
13. Stephanie Taylor
      Stained Glass Windows
14. Terry Harrison
      Glass Art, Wearable Art and Tiles
Guest artists
Neil Fatin
Charlotte Haggart
Bev Robertson
      Acrylic and Oil Painter
Barb Trowbridge
      Textile Artist
15.Donna Birtwistle
      Wildlife Watercolour Pencil Artist

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