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Beverlee McLeod, aka BEJA, Printmaker

2288 Cowichan Bay Rd. (located next to the South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club)
Cowichan Bay BC V0R 1N1
250 748-4492


I enjoy art and love the creating process.

art by Beverlee Mcleod art by Beverlee Mcleod

I'll work with anything - paper, paint, metal, fabrics, food, furniture, rocks or ribbon but my first love is printmaking. My first print in 1974 introduced me to the world of multiple originals and I've been hooked ever since.

I've studied printmaking at Camosun College, University of Victoria, Malaspina College, Emily Carr College of Design & Art and David Thompson University and will travel anywhere to learn a new technique.

My favourite pieces are my Vancouver Island Miniatures, a series of tiny etchings of Island landmarks, and happily, others enjoy them too because there are hundreds spread all over the world.

art by Beverlee Mcleod art by Beverlee Mcleod art by Beverlee Mcleod

In the last few years I have produced more experimental works with non- toxic materials and I share this by giving classes & workshops.

Visitors are always welcome to my studio, but please call first.

art by Beverlee Mcleod

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