Visions Art Studio Tour
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Artists on Tour

1. Donna Birtwistle
2. Terry Harrison
Guests: Neil Fatin, Bev Robertson
3. Cher McKittrick
Guest: Lorna Robertson
4. at Arbutus Ridge Village Centre
Guests: Lorraine Mary Hawe, Kathy Curry Hill, Karen Bottcher
5. Kmit
6. Tyler Hayes
7. Michele Heath
8. Carolyn McDonald
9. Joan Tuff
10. Beverlee McLeod
Guests: Edie Miller, Rosemary Danaher, Penny Jones, Nathalie Mansey, Charlotte Haggart
11. Sue Coleman
Guest: Joanne Kimm
12. Ken Broadland
13. Laurel Hibbert
Guest: Roger Jackson
14. Lyndsay Hunley
15. Carol Borrett

Nathalie Mansey - Photographer

artwork by Nathalie Mansey
1 250 743 0616

Nathalie Mansey

I believe the most important aspect of a photograph is the emotion it conveys. Photography is about seeing beyond what is in front of our eyes, as if entering a third dimension where feelings and emotions reign.I like to use different older photo processes and material, to create an instant which becomes a visual language with no barrier.

Born in France, Nathalie Mansey discovered Photography in high school, and has since spent most of her professional and leisure time improving her technical skills, and her artistic vision.Graduated in Computer Graphics, she nevertheless dedicated herself to the traditional analog Photography, constantly exploring and experimenting with older material and processes such as silver gelatin, hand colouring, photo-encaustic, pinhole and cyanotype. A passionate instructor, she created a complete black and white and darkroom photography course that she ran for several years in France. She also led a variety of photographic workshops on Vancouver Island.

artwork by Nathalie Mansey artwork by Nathalie Mansey
Crocosmia Daylily
artwork by Nathalie Mansey
Final Landing

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