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Artists on Tour

1. Donna Birtwistle
2. Terry Harrison
Guests: Neil Fatin, Bev Robertson
3. Cher McKittrick
Guest: Lorna Robertson
4. at Arbutus Ridge Village Centre
Guests: Lorraine Mary Hawe, Kathy Curry Hill, Karen Bottcher
5. Kmit
6. Tyler Hayes
7. Michele Heath
8. Carolyn McDonald
9. Joan Tuff
10. Beverlee McLeod
Guests: Edie Miller, Rosemary Danaher, Penny Jones, Nathalie Mansey, Charlotte Haggart
11. Sue Coleman
Guest: Joanne Kimm
12. Ken Broadland
13. Laurel Hibbert
Guest: Roger Jackson
14. Lyndsay Hunley
15. Carol Borrett

Donna Birtwistle - Painter/Garden Art

Donna Birtwistle
Wings Drying
Donna Birtwistle
Squirrel & Hummer
2423 Mill Bay Road (On the way to Mill Bay Ferry)
Mill Bay, BC V0R 2P4
250 743-2758

Hours: Call or E-mail away from viewing all year.

Donna Birtwistle is a self taught Wildlife Water Colour Artist using both pencils and paints. She has been drawing/ painting for several years but only recently shown her work to the public. Her Mill Bay home gives the perfect location for viewing sea birds and life activities near the ocean.

Donna has had the opportunity of traveling North America, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, as well as Europe. While seeing new places she enjoys visiting and supporting many Wildlife Sanctuaries, Raptor Centres, and Zoos. These experiences expose her to many different animals that are not found in our environment.

Her secondary artistic flare involves cutting glass and making pictures in cement & deck furniture. The pictures continue the theme of animals, birds, flowers and natural leaf imprints. These ornamental designs beautify their garden and deck even further.

Donna and her husband grow many organic vegetables and herbs. Her flare for artistic and imaginative gardening can also be enjoyed around their home.

Please feel welcome to come and enjoy both the flower and garden art, as well as the wall art in Donna's home and work place most of the year. Please call ahead to ensure we are home.

Donna Birtwistle
Buck 'n' Broom Stalker

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