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Artists on Tour

1. Donna Birtwistle
2. Terry Harrison
Guests: Neil Fatin, Bev Robertson
3. Cher McKittrick
Guest: Lorna Robertson
4. at Arbutus Ridge Village Centre
Guests: Lorraine Mary Hawe, Kathy Curry Hill, Karen Bottcher
5. Kmit
6. Tyler Hayes
7. Michele Heath
8. Carolyn McDonald
9. Joan Tuff
10. Beverlee McLeod
Guests: Edie Miller, Rosemary Danaher, Penny Jones, Nathalie Mansey, Charlotte Haggart
11. Sue Coleman
Guest: Joanne Kimm
12. Ken Broadland
13. Laurel Hibbert
Guest: Roger Jackson
14. Lyndsay Hunley
15. Carol Borrett

Carolyn McDonald - Painter

Carolyn McDonald, Painter
Carolyn McDonald, Painter
4407 Kingscote Rd
Cowichan Bay, BC V0R 1N2
(250) 743-5974


Carolyn McDonald grew up in a small town in the countryside of Jamaica. As a child she loved to paint and draw, and has always delighted in the vibrant colours, varied textures and rhythms of the tropics.

She obtained her B.A in Fine Art and her teaching certificate in Ontario, Canada. On returning to Jamaica to teach and paint, she had several exhibitions, and was influenced by the rich artistic traditions on the island.

Carolyn then moved back to Canada, making her home in British Columbia where she has continued with her painting and teaching. Her art is often inspired by her travels and also by the play of light that transforms everyday scenes and landscapes into special and imaginative interpretations.

Her paintings invite the viewer to fill in the stories of special places that may seem familiar and yet hold a sense of mystery. Her work is distinctive for its bold use of colour, simple shapes and flowing movement.

Carolyn has exhibited in B.C, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. She has given workshops on teaching art to children, With Art Starts, she works as an artist in the schools -- recently on large murals. She also taught art classes at Malaspina College and continues to teach in her studio.

Carolyn now lives at Cherry Point with her husband, has retired from teaching, and is able to devote more time to her art.

Carolyn's home studio is open by appointment, as well as for the Studio Tour.

Carolyn McDonald, Painter Carolyn McDonald, Painter

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