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Brigette Furlonger, Photographer and Writer

532 Sentinel Drive
Mill Bay, BC

Poetic Imagery by Brigette

Hours: open year-round by appointment. Please phone or email ahead.

As a photographer and writer, 'a picture is worth a thousand words yet words create new pictures in our mind', Brigette enjoys the juxtaposition of the worlds with which she plays and creates.

Brigette Furlonger has enjoyed taking photos for as long as she can remember. Completely self-taught, her love of photography can be seen in her extensive collection of photos from around the world. Having lived in Germany, Finland, England and the United States, and travelled throughout Europe, Australia, and South Africa, Brigette has photographed the natural and architectural world around her.

Photography compliments her writing by providing motivation and new material to explore. As a local author of fiction and poetry, Brigette’s work has appeared in numerous compilations on local, national and international levels. Brigette’s accomplishments include People’s Choice Winner of the Duncan Journal Short-story Competition 2016 and Honourable Mention in the Polar Expressions National Poetry competition in 2011.

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